Floating Tree by Laura Gooley
Featured Artists:
Laura Gooley, Photographs
Brian Pardini, Sculpture 

“The Stimulus of Perception”

Now thru April 10, 2018

Laura Gooley Artist Statement
My photography consists mostly of trees & landscapes, some depicting an over-sized moon, but my primary focus is more about capturing the everyday in a different way. When I see a tree with its branches delicately outstretched, I empathize and internalize the essence of that gesture. Enacting that sensitivity, I translate my experience through the combined imagery.

Brian Pardini Artist Statement
I am a sculptor who searches the Lake Erie shoreline for unique pieces of driftwood which become, with varying degrees of manipulation, a myriad of real and imagined life forms. Some forms are whimsical and joyful, others somber and restrained.

Torso by Brian Pardini